We have rallied around CM BRAND HQ. We have taken votes, scoured our records, had heated debates…

Here are our 10 Essential Promotional products all brands must have!

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10 Essential Promotional Items every brand must have shoppable image

  • 1. Card wallet

    4.8 million passengers use the tube each day. Prevent card clash with our branded oyster card wallets. Get your brand noticed on the underground.

  • 2. Lanyard

    Can be found in its natural environment in use in almost every office block throughout the country. Why not get your brand on some?

  • 3. Pen

    How are you going to write in your notebook or diary without one of these? Back to basics but this promotional pen never disappoints.

  • 4. Notebook

    An elephant may never forget, but we’re only human. Use our promo notebooks to jot down your thoughts, inspirations, equations or perhaps just doodles.

  • 5 .Diary

    Important meeting with your next biggest client, squash tournament, client brief to finish, or perhaps dinner with the in (out) laws. We all need a diary.

  • 6. Travel Mug

    Don’t go cold on us, and don’t let you drink go cold on you. What better way to keep your hot drinks hot on the go?

  • 7. Powerbank

    This is practically our best seller. Whether you’re on the tube, the train, the car or your bike, when you phone runs low a power bank is your place to go.

  • 8. Keyring

    Did you know, on average people have nine keys on their keyrings, they also have no idea what at least three are for. This doesn’t matter, make sure their keys are on your branded keyrings.

  • 9. USB Drive

    Need to leave a little data behind for your clients? What better way to do this, branded USB drives remain a top seller throughout our industry for their high perceived value and lasting usability.

  • 10. Stress Item

    An office essential. Enough said.