With winter upon us, we thought now would be a great time to recommend are the top 3 winter products to help you throughout this winter season. These products have been selected due to their frequent use and can all be fully branded with your company’s logo, making them the ideal promo item to give away this winter.

Ice Scraper
A key product for any winter season is the branded ice scraper. Many of us will be waking up over the coming weeks to cold frost and possible snow, investing in a good ice scraper to make your mornings that little bit easier is a no brainer!

This handheld tool for scraping frost, ice, and snow, from your car is something a majority of people will keep with them in the car at all times.



Travel Mugs

You’ve probably thought about investing in a travel mug and with the increased awareness and incentive from the major coffee chains to use recyclable coffee cups maybe this is the year to invest in a quality travel mug for your team.

There are different sizes of different capacity. They are usually made of stainless steel and are even microwave friendly so you can always warm up that forgotten hot drink!



Touch Gloves

You may be wondering, what is so smart about these gloves? Well, they are called touch gloves because not only are warm from the inside, but you can still use your mobile phone without having to take your gloves off. They look like an ordinary pair of gloves but once you have hands on them only then you will never go back to an ordinary pair of gloves.