Promotional items are commonplace in corporate settings, whether they’re being given out at events, conferences, or visitors at your office. These promos could be anything from t-shirts to frisbees, though there is one item that continues to be the most popular promotional gift; the promotional pen. This is thought to be due to the fact that people will always need pens, while other promotional items are not as useful. That, in itself, makes pens extremely effective promotional materials. But what else makes them so effective? Let’s go over some of the reasons, below.

Why Use Pens Over Other Promotional Merchandise?

As mentioned above, pens extremely useful items that can be found in every home and every office. A promotional item’s only goal is to promote the company giving it away, by creating and maintaining brand recognition. Promotional merchandise generally contains the company’s logo, so every time someone uses your pen, they’ll be reminded of your company. If your promotional item is a frisbee, for example, potential customers will only see your brand and logo a couple of weekends a year. Whereas the pen will likely be used multiple times a day, bringing your company to mind multiple times a day.

When And How Should You Use Promotional Pens?

Yet another example of the pen’s effectiveness is its adaptability. It is always appropriate to have pens on you. Using the frisbee example again, consider how inappropriate it would be to bring frisbees into client meetings or boardrooms. Pens can be given out at any event or occasion where promotional gifts are being given, such as seminars, networking events, meetings, and in your office.

Handing out pens can also be a useful way to break the ice, or as a “thank you” for filling out a contact information sheet. Using the pen as a way to interact with potential customers is an excellent way to make your company more memorable, as your personal touch will be remembered each time the pen is used.

What Type Of Pen Is Most Effective?

Luckily, promotional pens come in a variety of styles, colours, and quality. Depending on your specific needs and your budget, you can find pens that will work for your purposes. Thankfully, all functioning pens are equally effective, making any choice a great one.

The combination of their versatility and usefulness makes pens the ideal promotional product.