August is here; parents and kids are gearing up for another hectic year of home works, assessments and exams. However, in recent times, educational institutions are striving to make coming back to school more fun for the students. Yes, schools and colleges are getting creative by the day and using promotional items to make education/school interesting and engaging. Read through to know more about these promotional products.


Backpacks are stylish and come in amazingly vibrant colours. They feature multiple compartments to hold notebooks, water bottles, stationery, earphones and more; most branded backpacks also come with headphone ports. The new ones have adjustable shoulder straps and a carry handle to offer utmost convenience. Give these backpacks as promotional items and watch your students come back to school like never before.


There is a wide range of water bottles available on the market. The choice entirely depends upon the grade for which you are choosing.

While a funky, ergonomically designed soft water bottle can be perfect for the lower grade students, a steel water bottle with insulation might just sync with the requirements of the higher- grade college kids. The options are endless but make sure to choose a durable product from a reputed brand.


Giving away t-shirts, hoodies or chic polo shirts to your students can be a great idea; kids love roaming around in ‘cool’ clothing after a tiring day at school.

Children never get bored of new clothes, especially chic hoodies and polo shirts. You can order gender-specific shirts, long or short sleeved ones or stretch/cool fit branded clothes to entice your students. This might be a common gift but they would never have imagined getting them from their school!

Pen Sets

You can find an infinite range if you are looking to gift pen sets as promotional products. We feel a pen set can make the best gift for a student. Generally, branded pen sets come in packs of 2 or 3, packaged in beautiful and sturdy cases.

Why not choose this promotional product and make writing for your students special? With your logo on these sets, your students will for sure, remember this gift for years down the line.

USB Drives

There’s no better way to attract your students than gifting USB drives.

USB drives are the newer version of compact discs that are used to store data. They are light in weight, portable and can be carried anywhere with ease.

USB drives, also popularly called pen drives are now available in a range of colours such as black, white, pink, grey, blue, maroon etc. Catch up with the technology and align with your students’ tech requirements by gifting pen drives; help them transport files on their PC and take back-ups effortlessly. They will certainly admire your choice!

We, CM Brand are reputed suppliers of promotional products for schools and colleges. Browse through our collection to choose an item; if you are unsure about what you want, we will help you make a decision in accordance with your institution’s theme and concept.