Branded products are great for promoting your business. These items show both current and potential customers that you care about them. Promotional gifts aren’t necessarily expensive presents that you can leverage to make a statement, as it can be simple, everyday items that can push your branding and still be useful to people.

Since promotional items have been utilised for so long, you should start being creative with your own business’ offerings to turn them into unique gift ideas.


1. USB Flash Drive

Don’t be surprised to know that a USB flash drive is the promotional product of choice. According to a survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 21% of the respondents say that a USB is the most useful among all the branded corporate gifts they receive.

You can further customise your promo gifts by including photos, videos, company profile, and other files related to your company on the flash drive to better inform your clientele about yourself.

They can always delete the files if they think to free up space when they decide to use it, but still make sure that the storage capacity is big enough (1GB is good; 2GB or more is better).


2. Power bank

With people going mobile, power banks are practical gifts, especially for companies that are mainly web-based, as it will allow users to spend some more time on your app or website.


3. Mobile phone or tablet case

Of course, you also want to keep their smartphones or tablets safe so that you can pair up the power bank with a phone or tablet case.

It’s also a good alternative if power banks are still pricey for you.


4. Speakers

Speakers are very handy today not only because of the accessibility of videos and music on gadgets, but also because of its capability to use as both speaker and receiver for calls. In addition, there are now more ways to connect speakers to devices such as Bluetooth and USB.

Depending on your business, choose whether to brand a basic speaker or one with a receiver. To be on the low-cost side, go for the standard speaker unless your business comes with support for communication apps or software.


5. Laptop bags

If your target market is IT professionals, you can choose to personalise laptop bags. It comes in different styles and sizes, so make sure to utilise the variety.

Go for a different color only if it complements your logo or is close to your branding.


6. Mugs

Custom mugs used to be the go-to promo gift for companies, and even if it is a bit outdated today, this glassware is still very much in use. Continue this tradition if your clientele is of an older demographic.


7. Sports bottle

If your business deals with athletes or sports enthusiasts, they would probably prefer sports bottle over any other water container since it’s more in tune with their lifestyle and interest.

You can take advantage of the collapsible water bottle trend or containers that can be folded to fit in small spaces like backpacks or purses.


8. Notebooks/Notepads

Another traditional item on the list is a notebook. This is perfect for students who use paper more often.

Go for trendy colors, designs, or materials so that kids would enjoy using it.


9. Pens

Notepads should, preferably, come together with pens so that both items can be used. You can choose to engrave your business name or logo or have it printed on the outside.

Make sure that the personalised pens also come in different ink colors.


10. Keychains

Another favorite is keychains because it’s very versatile. The accessory attached can be the branding or you can also customise it to bear both the name of the customer and your business. That way, it can double as a bag tag.


11. Umbrella

Umbrellas are making a comeback—thanks to the inverted umbrella trend. There’s more fabric for you to utilise on your branding, and you can even design the carrying case it comes with.


12. Canvas bags

Now that everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious, some people are choosing to use eco-friendly canvas bags instead of paper or plastic ones when shopping.

Using these items as promotional tools can show your target market that your business is aware of the issues and is willing to do something about it.


13. Caps/Snapback

Sports teams or any businesses that deal with sporting goods and accessories can benefit significantly from using snapback or baseball caps for their company branded items. They never go out of style and is still very useful.


14. Hand sanitiser

If you’re in food service or health and wellness industry, how about giving away hand sanitizers? There are now small bottles of sanitizers that come with keychain rings or carabiner, so it can easily attach to the user’s belt loop or bag for easy access.


15. Mint pots

Lastly, mint pots are helpful promo items simply because no one likes to have horrid breath. Your current and future customers will surely remember your name and be thankful for your freebie.


With the rise of online marketing, there surely are more convenient and easier ways to promote your products and services. However, what makes corporate branded gifts still relevant is the way it instantly connects you with your prospects. Your business will definitely stand out with an effective promotional tool.