Everyone, I repeat, everyone loves a good Fresher’s fair. Whether they’re a new student, a visiting parent, or current students, everyone loves these events. For those who don’t know, a Fresher’s Fair is an event held for new students to learn about different organisations in their university and local businesses in the area. Why does everyone love a Fresher’s Fair, you may ask? It’s because they’re full of freebies. And as we all know, people love free things. This is the perfect opportunity to give out promotional products and spread brand awareness. See the list below to help you decide which items are best for this type of event.

Desktop Sunflower

Is there a better way to brighten up a work area and make new students feel at home than giving them a sunny sunflower for their desk? We don’t think so. Students will be spending a ton of time at their desks, and these desktop flowers might be just the thing to keep them from getting too stressed out.

Mini Recovery Pack

There’s no getting around it: students love to party. Make sure your brand is the one that helps them get over the nasty hangover they’ll likely have after a big night out. This mini recovery pack includes a minty mouth spray and mints that’ll help cover up that lingering liquor smell, and a piece of chocolate to keep their stomach steady.

Hand Sanitiser

Just like everyone knows what the Fresher’s Fair is, everyone also knows what Fresher’s Flu is. They just don’t enjoy this one. Help keep your customers flu-free with this sanitising promotional product.

The best way to fight off illness is by killing germs before they infect you. To avoid that nasty flu, make sure your customers have hand sanitiser handy. This hand sanitiser comes with a clip for easy access, so students can carry it wherever they go.


Uni isn’t all fun and games; these students will be doing some pretty serious studying. Help them out by keeping them prepared for class with this zipper portfolio. The portfolio has a pen loop so they never have to worry about not having one in a lecture, pockets for holding their assignments, and 20 pages of lined notepad paper for notes.