If you look around any office, you are likely to spot a mug on every desk? The average office mug is used over 1,000 times a year, that means each of your branded mugs has the chance to show off your brand over 1,000 times.

One of the most popular ways of marketing is promotional mugs. It’s a traditional way of marketing and a perfect gift for customers, clients or staff.

Why are logo printed mugs considered to be so effective? The simple answer is because they are so reliable. Your customers, clients or staff will always need to use a mug, so their use for it will never dwindle.  Whether the mug is used at home or at work, it’s always positively helping to expose your brand!

There is something about a promotional mug which people genuinely appreciate. The more ‘bridges’ you build with your customers, the more chance they will be loyal to your company when they order products or services.

At CM Brand, you can design the mug, so it completely matches your company colours and branding. This not only means your logo but can also include other useful information such as the company website address.