We often hear marketers say that the future is going digital—with all the advancing technologies around us. While that may be true, there are traditional marketing strategies that continue to work in this digital age.

Promotional products, in particular, allow you to put your brand right in front of your customers. It’s easy for prospects to recognise and remember your brand, especially if your promotional items are unique products that have a practical use for consumers. .

This kind of advertising is effective in forming positive relations in your target market, which leaves a lasting impression on your overall marketing and sale efforts.


Benefits to Using Promotional Products

It’s quite easy to overlook the advantages of branded gifts to promote your business, product, or service to your target audience. So, here are the reasons why it still works in this digital generation.


1. Low cost

The low cost of producing promotional merchandise can help you stretch your marketing budget. Compared with other advertising methods, branded products are way less expensive, especially if you order in bulk.

Promotional products also have a longer shelf life than other marketing materials since people tend to keep them in their home or office or pass them on to others who are also fond of giveaways.

With low-cost but high-impact promo merchandise, you can win your customers and gain an incredible return on investment.


2. Brand recognition and association

When customers see your promotional giveaways, they can instantly identify your company and associate your products with your brand.

As a marketing professional, you know that brand awareness can go a long way, especially for customers who are more willing to do business with someone they know instead of a brand that they have not encountered before.


3. Customer loyalty

The thoughtful gesture of giving free items can have a deep, positive effect on your potential and actual customers. To them, it means that you’re not only after delivering your pitch or closing a sale, but you’re also making it a priority to think of their needs.


4. Business exposure

Some branded gifts can pass off like signature items that their recipients can show around. People could take your tote bag to the mall, restaurant, or gym. A beautifully designed coffee mug might find its way into the office cafeteria, and everyone admires it.

When your business logo or name is more visible to consumers, it becomes easy for people to remember your brand and keep you on their radar, which could eventually drive sales to your business.


How to Integrate Promotional Items in Your Digital Campaigns

It’s possible to attract and engage your audience in the digital space using traditional marketing products with these ideas:


1. Update and upgrade your promotional product line-up.

You don’t have to limit your giveaways to wearables like caps or shirts, as these may be too common for today’s digitally-focused consumers. Instead, you could bring your promotional game a step higher by giving away wireless activity trackers to your customers. Trackers don’t have to cost too much, especially if you could ask your manufacturer to mass produce the item for you.


2. Use your promo items to implement an interactive strategy on social media.

A number of businesses are enjoying tremendous success in engaging their audience on social media by conducting polls, surveys, or contests. If you’re a T-shirt retail store that’s celebrating another year in business, you could launch a contest where followers have to answer trivia about your company. The winner gets to receive a limited edition of your anniversary shirt giveaway.

Alternatively, you could ask your customers to take a selfie of themselves wearing your T-shirt label and post their photo on Instagram, using a hashtag for your company anniversary campaign. You’ll then pick the most creative selfie and award the winner with gift certificates or discount coupons.


3. Print QR codes on your merchandise.

Quick response QR codes are an advanced version of barcodes used in product inventories and price scans, but QR codes can be used in many more different ways.

For example, you could print QR codes on your luggage tag giveaways. When customers scan the QR codes on their smartphone, a number of actions would be triggered.

With the QR code, your customer may be directed to your website, send you an email, or call your office. It’s a great way to make yourself accessible to customers.


4. Stamp your digital address on your branded products.

Instead of distributing business cards, you might as well use your promotional items to let your audience know where they can reach you. Stamp your email address, website URL, social media handle, or blog link on your giveaways, along with your brand’s logo for easy recall.


Parting Words

Despite the digital invasion, continue using promotional products in your marketing campaigns. It remains to be one of the most effective strategies that can help your team position your brand among your target market in a cost-efficient way.

Instead of investing solely in digital marketing, you could adopt a good mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies to keep your audiences engaged in every way possible.