Wimbledon season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to break out those tennis-themed promotional products. Taking advantage of any huge event is always a good idea because people love to wear and use themed items. Check out the list below to see our favourite themed promotional products.


No self-respecting tennis fan would be caught without their sunglasses! So, if you’re selling at events, or to people who will likely attend, make sure they protect their eyes and show off your logo with a set of branded sunglasses. They’re fashionable and perfectly on-theme, so what’s not to love?

Polo Shirts

Let’s be honest, many of your customers love to go all out when it comes to Wimbledon. They’re going to be wearing polo shirts to show off their love of tennis, so make sure they’re also showing off your brand. When it comes to being fashionable and on-theme for Wimbledon season.

Cooler Bags

It can get hot out during the games and you’ll want to make sure that your customer’s stay hydrated. So why not give them a cooler bag? People are going to want to keep their drinks cool during summer months and these products do exactly that whilst also giving you a large print area to show off your brand.

Heat Recovery Pack

In addition to making sure your customer’s eyes are protected and that they’re staying hydrated, it’s a good idea to help them recover from the heat! With this pack, they’ll receive a stylish bag to hold all their tennis themed items, minty mouth spray AND mints to combat any heat-induced halitosis, calm balm to help when tensions get high during the big game, tissues for runny noses or sweaty faces, and a piece of chocolate to keep their energy up.