In this era of technological advancements and mobile innovation, e-commerce is poised to grow even bigger than it already is.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should bow out from the game or pass the baton to online retailers. Your brick-and-mortar store will always provide a physical and tactile shopping experience that no online shop can ever offer. The tricky part is getting your customers to leave the comfort of their homes and go to your store.

Despite how statistics show that 79% of consumers prefer to shop online, 94% of the total sales and revenue of a retail business still come from physical sales. While your business should also adopt a digital strategy of some sort, it’s crucial to implement strategies involving branded promotional products and events, for instance, to increase the foot traffic in your brick and mortar establishment.

Improving foot traffic will help you build brand awareness, keep clients loyal to your brand, and ultimately, increase your sales every year. Here’s how.

A Retailers Strategy Guide to Increasing Sales Every Year-infographic


Prioritise Cleanliness

First impressions last. The moment a customer notices your signage or walks through the doors of your retail establishment, they will immediately judge whether they want to step foot inside and spend time browsing through your products.

More importantly, the cleanliness of your facilities reflects on your brand. Both the interior and exterior of your establishment represent your brand’s values, personality, and culture.

Customers deserve a top-notch shopping experience. A dirty and disorganized store will deter customers. Is your loo clean? Does it smell good? Studies show that 45% of consumers would avoid retail shops that have dirty loos.

Take time and effort to make sure that your store has a pleasant and inviting environment—from your storefront to your product displays and even your toilets.


Provide Expert Service

Your in-store employees deal with your customers on a daily basis. Just like your store facilities, they represent your brand. Sales personnel who are passionate about customer service will prove to be a great investment.

Hiring sales associates who are conscientious about their work will help you increase sales. Of course, you can’t discount the fact that happy employees are more efficient, more productive, and stay longer in an organization.

When your employees are happy about their work, they will extend that feeling to customers. Because happy shoppers spend more, your sales and revenue will increase.


Host Promotional Events

Let’s say you’re in a mall, just quietly walking through a hall, then you suddenly notice a store filled with people. Clearly, something is going on. What do you do? Of course, you take a look and see what’s happening. Curiosity is human nature.

This is how promotional in-store events work wonders at attracting customers to your store because it offers an exceptional experience they won’t find from online stores or other retail establishments on a regular basis.

Whether it’s the launch of a new product where customers can get free samples or branded promotional products, a markdown event, or a themed brand party, a promotional event can help educate and entertain consumers about your products and services.

Get your in-store employees to wear custom shirts so they can serve as a walking, living proof of your brand. A successful event will help you build brand awareness and get customers excited to go to your next event.

An event may also get you featured on local media outlets, giving your brand a wider reach and more exposure.


Give Useful Freebies or Branded Promotional Products

“FREE” is probably the most powerful word in retail marketing, and for a good reason. Who doesn’t like freebies?

Giving your customers useful freebies as a way of saying “thank you for your patronage” shows them how much you value them. It also shows them your sincerity and generosity. More importantly, branded promotional products don’t just serve to delight customers, but they also help customers remember your brand name and logo.

Giving freebies for a specific purchase amount will also help sweeten the deal. How many times have you purchased more products from a store so that you could be given freebies?


Reward Loyal Customers

It’s true that repeat customers spend 67% more than first-time customers, making it crucial to improve your customer retention and loyalty program.

A customer rewards and loyalty program is successful in retaining customers and improving sales, as evidenced by how 77% of consumers participate in a retail loyalty program.

Create a unique and inspiring name for your loyalty program to drive interest and encourage customers to participate. Make sure that the value of your rewards and loyalty program is placed at the front and center of your campaign so that customers will immediately know “what’s in it for them.”


Promote Your Store on Social Media

A recent study shows that 95% of online adults aged 18 to 34 follow brands on social media. Brands that don’t build an online presence miss out on a lot of opportunities. Just browse your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram, and you’ll see how consumers like to take photos of the food they’re eating, the places they go to, and products of the brands they love.

Regular and consistent social media posts will help you reach your target audience and grow your following. Create visual content that will delight and engage your customers. Make sure to highlight the unique shopping experience your brick and mortar store offers so that your customers won’t hesitate to go to your shop.

People love sharing information on social media, and you need to capitalize on that. Remember, happy customers are the best brand ambassadors. So, build your social media presence and make sure to use simple and relevant hashtags to drive your campaign.


Bottom Line

You can definitely increase foot traffic and sales from your physical retail store by implementing the right strategies. These tactics not only help in increasing profit and sales, but it also helps you increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty. When it comes to retail, it’s all about making your customers happy and showing them how much you value their patronage.

Don’t hesitate to invest in custom shirts or other branded promotional products so that you can offer loyal customers free goodies.

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