A sustainable Solution

Plastic straws damage the environment, but paper straws go soggy…

The Icebloc keeps the ice in place so you can sit back, tip back and enjoy every drop.

Whether you fancy crushed ice or cubed, fresh fruit or mint leaves, you want your drink to flow.

Environmentally friendly, it can be reused over and over, then composted or recycled when you’re done

icebloc hero

How it Works

The Icebloc simply slides onto the edge of your glass and our clever design means one size fits all glasses! Whether you’ve got sensitive teeth, don’t like the taste of frozen water or just like a good swig.

icebloc how it works

Branding Opportunities

Now drinks companies can get their brand in the glass without the need for branded glasses. The Icebloc is fully customisable for brands, bars, promotional materials and personal use..

icebloc branding options