The whole world is now conscious that we all need to do our bit to help the environment. Nowhere is this more important than in the world of commerce and industry. As individuals and as corporate entities, we all have a duty to protect the environment, to recycle, to use eco-friendly products where and when we can. Even retailers are getting on the act, with paper straws replacing plastic ones in many fast food outlets and coffee shops, so what can you as a business looking to promote your brand do to enhance your commitment to helping the environment?

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NEW stojo the collapsible coffee cup

Allow us to introduce Stojo, the eco-friendly, collapsible cup, suitable for hot or cold drinks, and ready for use without taking up too much space. When collapsed, the Stojo Pocket Cup is simply a flat disc, made from ecologically sound materials, and when extended – which happens in just a couple of seconds – it’s ready for use in an instant! What’s more, it can be branded, and it makes for a superb green corporate gift – the perfect one for your coffee-loving clients!

What are the Benefits of Stojo?

The major unique selling points of the Stojo Pocket Cup are its collapsible design, plus the fact it is made from materials that are guaranteed to be free from any potentially harmful substances. No adhesives are used in its construction, and the materials are food-grade polypropylene, as well as silicone rubber which is certified to LFGB standards – a European trading standard that is far more demanding than the USA FDA requirements. This makes it perfectly safe, and recyclable.

The design is leak-proof, thanks to clever thinking on the part of the creators, and if you want it branded with your corporate logo, brand name or a slogan, then the people to talk to are CM Brand, the UK’s leading name in corporate branded gifts and accessories. They stock the full range of Stojo Pocket Cups – there are currently five colourways which are white with black, blue, orange, red or green stripes – and you will find that their prices are very reasonable indeed. The more you need, the cheaper they become, so check them out now for more information.

Why Corporate Branded Goods?

The simple fact is that, despite the world having seemingly gone entirely online, the traditional forms of marketing still have an effect. If you go to any trade show or exhibition, you will likely come away with a bag – which will itself be branded – with a bunch of giveaways such as pens, keyrings, USB sticks and more, each of which will be carrying the name and logo of a particular brand. It works, as when someone needs a particular product or services, they are reminded of the brand on their gift.

The Stojo Pocket Cup is the perfect corporate branded gift on a number of levels: it is usable, it’s innovative and clever, it is compact and it is environmentally friendly – and coffee tastes great out of it, so get in touch with CM Brand now for all your corporate gift needs.