Bespoke is the art of tailoring that gives a unique personality to your products or services. In sales, a bespoke marketing strategy is good in helping your brand connect with your customers.

Through custom-made promotional products, you get to convey key information about your organisation – your mission-vision, values, and priorities, to name a few. Bespoke items are also very handy in enforcing retention when you’re launching a product or promoting an event, especially when you distribute branded merchandise and combine it with a call to action.

Regardless of how you use promotional advertising, you could see a boost in your brand awareness and sales campaigns when you promote using bespoke items. Remember, customers like receiving free, personalised items from their favourite companies.


Advantages of Using Bespoke Items in Your Business

1. It has a personal touch.

Promotional products speak of your knowledge about your customer personas or customers’ buying journey. When you give away branded gifts that are customised to your customers’ needs, it sends the message that you understand what’s important to them.


2. Its perceived value is high.

It’s counter-effective to come up with bespoke products that will serve no use or function to your target market. That said, being able to anticipate what things will make people’s life easier or will solve their common problems at home, at work, or in school will add great value to your bespoke creations.


3. It improves customer relations.

Promotional advertising can help you nurture your relationship with customers. When people feel they’re being valued and appreciated, they’re more likely to come back and do business with you again.

In fact, statistics indicate that it’s easy to convince consumers to change their buying preferences or switch their brand in exchange for a free promotional gift.


Which Bespoke Products Are Hot?

It could be tricky choosing which corporate merchandise to use to promote your brand, product, or event. The rule of thumb is that your promotional gifts should offer real value to your customers.

However, bespoke products that are more popular than others are those that are cheap, easy to carry, and visually attractive.

For your travel agency, as an example, your jet-setting clients could use cardholders to keep their American Express or Barclaycard from getting misplaced. Or if you’re in the car rental business, mini double-decker bus collectibles would be something cool to give to your most loyal customers.

Everyday items such as mugs, tumblers, pens, notebooks, tailored shirts, and power banks, especially for people who keep busy schedules and are always on the go are also hot.

You could also come up with bespoke garments to help your customers adjust to the changing seasons. A beanie, for example, would be a perfect gift item for the winter and is also appropriate for spring.


Bespoke Marketing Tips

A successful bespoke marketing may depend on these tactics:


1. A message that well represents your brand.

Everyone has a story to tell. Highlight the most salient points of your business’ success story with your bespoke collection to keep your customers engaged. Make sure that your message appeals to your customers’ emotions.


2. Communicating the message consistently across channels.

Once you’ve decided on your message, get it out to your customers at every opportunity using various marketing platforms.

Whether someone is on your website or your Facebook page, the same idea about your brand, product, or service should be communicated to them.


3. Allow potential customers to review your product or service.

Customer reviews are important for any business. When you allow prospective clients to reach out to you, you’re paving the way for your company to address and meet their expectations so that they will eventually convert as buying customers.


4. Offer something new.

Traditional promotional advertising may not take you far in your marketing goals, but being creative and thinking out of the box will.

In this age where innovations are happening across industries, it’s important for you to provide a unique and memorable customer experience. Look at what’s available in the market and think of ways on how you can add a new twist to it.


It’s important that you understand what your audience wants. Using bespoke items in your marketing campaigns can help your company establish its position in the market and distinguish itself from the competition. Encourage them to engage or buy from you through your creative collection of bespoke items, merchandise, or garments.