Promotional merchandise is a crucial tool for making your business stand out from the crowd and drawing customers towards your services and products. Consider the fact that according to research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association that found that when promotional products were used, consumers were two times more likely to act upon them compared to traditional methods of advertising.

So, as it’s clear that promotional products are worth investing in, but as there are better ways and less effective ways to do things, you might justifiably wonder what makes a promotional product great?

Let’s discuss this further.

Keys to Great Promotional Products

A full range of things come into play in making a promotional product that’s great from an appealing and attractive design to them having practical purposes. Above all else, the main thing it should do is increase awareness of your brand, its services and products, whether you are looking to interest new customers and clients or keep existing clients and customers on side.

It can also help to provide your target audience with a cohesive and smart view of your company for your own workforce. That could be with the use of stationery and umbrellas with your logo that your colleagues can use, or uniforms emblazoned with your branding. There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to how you can utilise promotional products.

Things All Promotional Products Need

With the above in mind, let’s look a little deeper still. There are various things your promotional products should be, including:


Although your promotional items need to consistently match up with your business, its services and products, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be creative about it. Offbeat sports accessories and fun gadgets are just as effective as pens and stationery.


The whole purpose of promotional products is to promote your business and to make it memorable, so it sticks in the minds of your existing customers and potential new customers.

On Brand

One thing that makes your promotional product stand out from similar items, though is the branding. It’s important to have contact details, artwork, logos and even just the same colours you use in relation to your business and company. This will help serve as a reminder of who gave them the item, they are using in the first place.


While novelty items can be a great way to get people talking and to hold the memory of your company in their mind, the best promotional products will always be the ones that offer some useful or practical purpose. In fact, there is a correlation between how practical and purposeful a promotional product is and how often they are likely to use it daily. If they are using your promotional product daily, they have in their hands, on their person and in their life, a daily reminder of your company. Not even the most persuasive traditional marketing strategies and advertisements can gain that entry point into the homes and lives of your customers.