Did you miss the Glastonbury festival? Not to worry, summer in the UK is full of festivals and that means you have plenty of opportunities to give out your promotional products. Why are festivals the perfect places to give out promotional items? Well, they’re full of people ready and waiting to be put in a good mood with your free items. And the more people putting your promotional products to use, the more your brand awareness spreads. So, what are the best items for festivals? Check out our list below to see what items are the best to give out.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Being that they’re generally in the summer, festivals can get very hot. Between the heat and the active energy your customers will have, they’re going to need to stay hydrated. But holding a large and bulky water bottle throughout the entirety of the festival isn’t something many people will want to do.

That’s why these collapsible water bottles are the perfect solution. They don’t take up much space, are easy to carry around due to their clip, and can be stored away in a pocket or bag when not in use.

Drawstring Bag

On that note, having a small and light bag to hold the few belongings they’ll want to tote around is always a good idea. Having your logo displayed on the bag guarantees that everyone, the thousands of people who might happen to walk behind your customer, will see your branding. Cute, functional, and almost like a walking billboard? Perfect.

Power Banks

Being at a festival all day and night long, plus constantly posting pictures to Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, means that phones will die pretty quickly. If you want to a hero and make sure everyone’s grateful that your business exists, keep their electronics alive with this power bank. This power bank will seem like a godsend when they’re electronics die but the bank keeps on going, due to the fact that it’s solar powered. They’re going to be in the sun all day anyway, so helping them take advantage of it is actually helping you.

Beer Cooler

What’s a festival without beer? For adults, it’s boring. Be there for those festival party-goers who want to crack open a cold one, and provide them with the perfect way to keep their beers cold. This beer cooler will not only keep them cold, but it’s easy to carry around, with its shoulder strap and has two cup holders so your customers can set their drinks down if they need to.