Artwork Guide

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We can only accept vector artwork for printing your artwork. Common formats include AI, EPS, PDF or SVG. We cannot use rasterised artwork.

Vector artwork can be rescaled to any size without any loss of quality, whereas raster artwork will appear jagged and artifacted around the edges when resized.

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When printing your artwork, we can only use artwork that is setup using CMYK values or Pantone references. We cannot use RGB values as these are optimised for use on the web and are not suitable for print.

If you need assistance with creating, formatting or redrawing your artwork, then we may be able to help (subject to cost). E-mail to find out more.

Colour Guide

one colour

1 Colour Logo

A single solid colour with no gradients or shadows.

two colour

2 Colour Logo

Two colours with no gradients or shadows.

three colour

3 Colour Logo

Three colours with no gradients or shadows.

4 colour

4 Colour Logo

Four colours with no gradients or shadows.

full colour

Full Colour Logo

More than 4 colours in the logo. They may also contain shadow or gradients.

drop shadow

Drop Shadow

If your logo has a drop shadow, it’s best to print as a full-colour method.